Talk like a Spaniard – Spanish Slang Phrases

  1. Es la caña =  It’s awesome
  2. Qué chulo = describe items as cool
  3. Ir a su bola =  negative “do your own thing” and “blow someone off.”
  4. Me cae gordo you don’t like someone
  5. Me importa un pimiento that you don’t really care about something
  6. es un chaval means that someone is a kid
  7. Oye chaval (male) or Oye chavala (female) = “dude”
  8. Ser la lecheangry or surprised
    (like “sick,” which can either mean disgusting (negative) or really cool (positive).
  9. Mala pata you’re carrying around bad luck
  10. Ser mono“cute” or “adorable.”
  11. Ser una pija = “bratty” or “spoiled.”
  12. Ir a tapear want to go out and get tapas
  13. Qué fuerte“Wow!” way of showing surprise
  14. Ser una babosa blonde (dimwit or someone who’s gullible)
  15. Ser un depre = Negative person
  16. Lo hecho, pecho = Such is life / What’s done is done
  17. En boca cerrada no entran moscas = best to keep your mouth shut
  18. A mal tiempo, buena cara = Look on the bright side

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