Visit Barcelona


Sometimes we feel frustrated that people think Barcelona is just about football, cheap drinks, beaches and Gaudi. There really is so much more to this city.

While cultural life may not quite reach the levels of European capitals, if you have time and a little patience, you will find a wealth of hidden treasures in the form of art and cultureparks and gardensenchanting streets and squaresmuseums and hidden corners.

Barcelona may not be a London, a Paris or a Rome, but it has its own unique place in the scheme of things. Barcelona is one of those places that remain entirely themselves, while sharing qualities with all cities. Closing your eyes and remembering other journeys, you could imagine yourself in many other places, for this is a truly cosmopolitan city. There is a sense of conviction in the way that Barcelona combines design, bohemia, and the avant garde – a setting for wonderful things.

We hope you will enjoy delving a little deeper into the life of Barcelona.