Sitges Mayor Alcalde 2015

Who will be the next Mayor of Sitges (Alcalde)

By current standing (let us know if wrong)

Current Council Candidates

  • Ricard Vicente : The Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC) & Catalonia Greens (ICV)
  • Miquel Forns (current Mayor) : Convergence and Union (CiU)
Other Major Candidates
  • Ferran Ignasi Llombart: The Popular Party (PP)
  • Maria Vinyet Lluis: Sitges Independent Group (SGI)
  • Lluis Marcé: New Horizon (NH)
  • Xavier Nin Muñoz: Popular Unity Candidates – Upset Sitges – Active People (CUP-CS-PA)

Other Candidates

  • Aurora Carbonell: The Republican Left of Catalonia – Municipal Agreement (ERC-AM)
  • Manuel Rodríguez: Citizens Party (C’s)

New Party Candidates

  • Jordi Serra: Left Movement (MES
  • Armand Paco: Understanding Sitges (EPS)
  • Cristina Martínez: Grouping of Voters (FEM Sitges)
  • Marc Martínez: Sitges, Culture and Welfare (SCB)


Keep posted for more on each, as vote approaches

e.g. What languages do each speak? Quins idiomes parlen cada un? Qué idiomas hablan cada uno?


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