Siesta in Style in Sitges

'SIESTA' Pack Take a 'siesta' at the Hotel TERRAMAR

We saw this…

‘SIESTA’ Pack : Take a ‘siesta’ at the Hotel TERRAMAR

They say…

Why is a ‘siesta’ such a good idea?

  • Provides energy & quick ‘reboot’ for the brain
  • Improves memory/problem-solving/productivity, they say, by over 30 %
  • Reduces stress/risk of heart diseases, they say, by 34 %
  • Improves negotiation/communication skills
  • Reduces accidents both work/on the road
  • Provides more hapiness/wellbeing

So here what we suggest you do:

  • Eat at any of our restaurants
    – L’Arrosseria del TERRAMAR
    – La Marisqueria del TERRAMAR or
    – La Barbacoa del TERRAMAR) and
  • Enjoy a typical Spanish ‘siesta’ at our Hotel

For only 15 €/person
(Available from 14 p.m. until 20:00 p.m)