Festa de la Mare de Deu del Carme

Feast of the Virgin of Carmen

Feast of Our Lady of Carme (Virgin Mary of Carme)

Traditional historic festival in Sitges from 14 to 16 July

Enormous market of local foods, crafts and produce, with entertainment for kids and adults. At Playa de San Sebastian.

Plus La Fragata and the Port of Aiguadolç.

To promote local fish, the fishermen and the city of Sitges

New fish market proposed, in part due to a grant from the European Fisheries Fund (for approx 50% of costs).
And in the context of this conference, Sitges will host the day of the Virgin Mary of Carme at seven in the evening at La Fragata industrial action organized by Ocean 2012, a group of NGOs working internationally to protect the seabed and promote artisanal fisheries. The action is to create a large figure of a human fish with the help of everyone to be glued. When you achieve the goal, he takes a photo of the moment and sent to the European Parliament because at the time of the adoption of new fishing policies, consider a type of fishing craft and respectful environment.

Posidonia Festival to be held from August 31 to September 2nd 2014. An International Festival of art, environment and sustainable development, held for five years in order to protect a marine plant that is essential to the life of the Mediterranean ecosystems and protect shorelines from erosion.

Feast of the Virgin of Carmen