Not into beaches… enjoy rural natural pools this summer

from West to East across the Catalan coast

La Fontcalda (Drive alongside mountainside)

  • Terra Alta’s famous natural swimming pool
  • 38 degrees temperature so summer best
  • Canaletes river gorge between mountains
  • Take road between Waldo and Benifallet (long & scary!)

Barranc del Gorg (5K walk)

  • Reached via a 5K walk
  • Between Vilaplana & fever
  • Spectacular waterfall into natural pool
  • Surrounded by rocks

Niu de l’Àliga (Good for families)

  • Eagle’s Nest at Alcover (Alt Camp)
  • Small waterfall from the river Glorieta
  • Originally powered water mills
  • Surrounded by vegetation
  • Reached via Mas Fores across a quiet road
  • Ideal for families

El Torrent de la Cabana (No Swimming)

  • 7 pools in the region
  • ‘pools of Itiniterari Cabana’ & ‘Difiultat Little’
  • Campdevànol near Ripoll, best known
  • NOTE: Forbidden to bathe

Gorg Blau (Road Toll)

  • Among Montagut and Oix (Gorg Blau)
  • Climbing & hiking area
  • Waterfall with a natural pool with icy blue waters
  • Road Toll to get there, but worth paying

Basses del Borró (A hike)

  • 4 ponds of the Borró River (Alta Garrotxa)
  • Some on surface (but mostly underground)
  • Some are traditionally nudist.
  • Signs along the road or hiking map (use a guide)
  • Villagers keen to retain locations secrecy

Cala Bramant (Best by boat)

  • Known as Lovers Cove
  • Small cove by the sea with natural pool
  • Often quiet & idyllic
  • Access via boat or kayak through a sea opening
  • Possible on foot with hardy footwear

Piscina Es Cau (Private)

  • Swimming falls is an artificial pool
  • Next to the beach ‘Platja Fonda’
  • Private for apartment community