Total Solar Eclipse near Sitges – August 12th, 2026

Total Solar Eclipse near Sitges - August 12th, 2026

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 total eclipse sitges 2026

Total Eclipse of the Sun in 2026

Process spanning up to 2 Hrs

  • Starts just south of Sitges
  • Eclipse Path Area centers on Castellón
    (242 km, 2 hours 15 mins  on AP-7)
  • First European eclipse since August 11, 1999
  • Iceland , Spain & NE Portugal (Guadramil and Rio de Onor )
  • Up to 2 Hours of eclipse process/darkened skies, for some cities

Nearest City with Total Eclipse : Zaragona
(2 hours 34 mins)

Solar eclipse of August 12, 2026
City Country Start of partial eclipse Start of total eclipse End of total eclipse End of partial eclipse Magnitude
Zaragoza Spain      19:34:36 20:28:57 20:30:22 Sunset at 21:08 1,007

Areas of partiality

Almost all Europe a partial eclipse at sunset, from Moscow to Lisbon
(greatest the more sun is in northwest) Except Greece , Bulgaria and Ukraine. Eclipse Area – Google Map Globe Map
 sitges eclipse times